How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan learn about tranquilizer dart physics using slow mo as a helpful tool. Don't try this at home unless you have 400lb gorilla running at full clip towards you. Watch outtakes here! destate.net/v/ZaeIrmbMp7KUsKo/video.html
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Filmed at 1000fps and 3000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. Atif Mughal

    Atif Mughal

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    Your video is starting after the half time watching of watching time your video make small videos on the points,,,

  2. The Blah Family

    The Blah Family

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    This is how they do it. In JURASSIC PARK!

  3. Magnus Høyemsvoll Bjølverud

    Magnus Høyemsvoll Bjølverud

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    8:52 Gav, thats kinda sus, what have you been up to now?

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    tiny youtuber

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    you looks like shaggy from scooby doo

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    Let’s do something in the comfort of indoors.....to much indoors!!!!

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    According to preview name this video should be 10 seconds long.

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    Me in the comments looking for the part your looking for people

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    the worst thing about them is that you can't skip a part of their video

  10. KianM707 McCorny

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    I saw your fire tornado thing if you can can you do it with water.

  11. shashank honey

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    Perfect game for corona patient.

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  13. Aydan Fox

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    "Will there ever be a time we don't destroy our smallhd Monitor"

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    When the dart exploded on dan I was LMAO



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    Last time I saw this in Jurassic park movie 🤣

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    Lets tame now a Giga level 150

  18. George Mais

    George Mais

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    Can we get some somo of dan getting sprayed in the face? That would be a Gem!!!

  19. General Knowlegde

    General Knowlegde

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    your sucking camera is not slow enough.

  20. Creative Geography

    Creative Geography

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    4:10 for what you have come here

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    DSN crone

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    are they english or american

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    Caught that cheeky "NSFW" 😂😂😂

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    Yamete kudosai IYA 7:39

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    you should have stuck a scotch tape on the impact place of baloon so it wouldnt burst

  26. Moo-Moo Minecraft

    Moo-Moo Minecraft

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    Ps the slow mo is at 4:44

  27. What are you doing IN MY SWAMP

    What are you doing IN MY SWAMP

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    4:03 it’s corona time

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    How to go to bed :

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    Why do they both look like an alternate version of daniel Radcliffe 😂😂

  31. Dougie Quick

    Dougie Quick

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    Wow these are actually available too! Ranchers etc use them on dangerous bulls for example to medicate them without getting gored to death. The trick would be actually sourcing and tranquilizing agent! LOL but pretty sure anything like that would require serious licensing like as a vet or animal control professional etc. But it is fun to fantasize using one ....they even sell the airguns online that shoot the darn things! Pretty pricey though

  32. Michael Bolton

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  33. Incoming Badass

    Incoming Badass

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    Wish we would've gotten a slo mo of that ending! XD

  34. Aditya Badara

    Aditya Badara

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    The only reason I disliked is because they made a 13 min video for a 2 second video

  35. B11 - Siriban, Joshua, Gabriel D.

    B11 - Siriban, Joshua, Gabriel D.

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    I can feel chills

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    Winter but they wear shorts

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    I wish they could speak a bit louder or atleast amplify the volume in post 🤷‍♂️ too low bruhhz

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    It would have been absolutely epic if you'd had slo-mo of Dan copping the blue juice to the face!

  41. Dairugger 76

    Dairugger 76

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    i need those for christmas cuz ik no one can go to sleep when christmas comes it is way to exciting

  42. Charlie Terrell

    Charlie Terrell

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    Why don’t police use these when handling less dangerous situations? I see so many videos of people getting shot whilst in their cars from cops that are standing at the window. Would it not be better to simply shoot them with a sleeping tranquilizer

  43. let it go ok my frend My life is like a box

    let it go ok my frend My life is like a box

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  44. Михаил Поволоцкий

    Михаил Поволоцкий

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    Sorry for spoiler, but description is wrong. When gorilla runs to you, use poison. These shots activate in 40 minutes, when some kinds of poison act instantly

  45. Bryce Czirr

    Bryce Czirr

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    4:03 - CORONA!!

  46. Katrina Peters

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    shrtlink.ca/xxxlovescamm0del456 තුපිටට පිරිසිදු පිම්මක්

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  48. captain glossy neverending

    captain glossy neverending

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    I used red food coloring for cake I think I drugged random peaple

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    The first time is see him sonde smart I thought he only a helper hmmmm

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    sjjd jsjsjsjsi

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    Their are not sciencets but they act like scienctest. 🤣🤣

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    Well done as always. I noticed the Navien NPE tankless water heater in the background. Takes a plumber to catch that as I sell and install a lot of them.

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    4:00 So is Dan ok?

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    If you put g fuel in that and than shoot someone they become a streamer

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    I feel like Dan in another universe is a hitman instead of an assistant due to his crazy accuracy

  55. LEG-1- Ace

    LEG-1- Ace

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    You say small needle. Looks large to me. What gauge is it?

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  56. Dante Hajime

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    Learned how a tranq dart works, and got a free awesome looking psychedelic water show. Really enjoyed watching this ^^

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    I saw it in real time

  58. LotoPhoenix Gaming Lord

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    how slow is the slow mo guys "Slow-mo" + "DEstates 0.25 Slow-mo" + "Holding Space Bar to rapid repeat Play/Pause"

  59. Tommy’s impeccable Meme tycoon

    Tommy’s impeccable Meme tycoon

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    Must be hard making what could be a 30 second clip into 14mins

  60. what are you looking at

    what are you looking at

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    I cant believe this is already 5months ago :0 Quarantine makes me wierd :X