Couple's Cringe: 21 Year Old Me

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  1. Emma Garretson

    Emma Garretson

    Vor Stunde

    Bruh I didnt know they had cameras that long ago

  2. Alexander Kiss

    Alexander Kiss

    Vor 2 Stunden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="815">13:35</a> kYm let it go alright

  3. Respectthedripkaren 09

    Respectthedripkaren 09

    Vor 15 Stunden

    I was like: lmao his real name can’t be any better than these His real name is literally Kolodziejzyk

  4. Islam Bouzaher

    Islam Bouzaher

    Vor 21 Stunde

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="754">12:34</a> They're so cute, love the way she looks at him and how they laugh at each other's jokes . So adorable

  5. dani


    Vor Tag

    Kelsey is funnier than u i need her @

  6. Ramiro Hernandez

    Ramiro Hernandez

    Vor Tag

    ok Kolodziejzyk

  7. Trish Una

    Trish Una

    Vor Tag

    Hehe 4,200,000 views... nice

  8. Stupid Loser

    Stupid Loser

    Vor Tag

    Cody learned the words "virality" and "frictionless" for the 3rd time now, at least

  9. Amanda Javetski

    Amanda Javetski

    Vor Tag

    Watching this again, this deff is soo cringe- You were so cringe, but it’s AMAZING CONTENT-glad you were humbled lol. Anyways LOVEEE you to together. You vibe so well, guess that’s good since you are dating ha. Point of this MAKE MORE VIDEOS TOGETHER PLEASE.

  10. DiscVer


    Vor Tag

    I don't condone incestuous relationships but I'll support it as long as Cody and his granddaughter are happy.

  11. gacamole_pizza


    Vor Tag

    Cody and is sister are so cute together

  12. Muggle249


    Vor 2 Tage

    I was having really bad anxiety and watching your videos makes me really happy :))

  13. Karan Gupta

    Karan Gupta

    Vor 2 Tage

    He is smart and fast, his name is Cody Komputer.

  14. Swifty


    Vor 2 Tage

    Bro your gf is cool asf ! How do I meet a girl like her???

  15. Daddy Lacus

    Daddy Lacus

    Vor 3 Tage

    Wait wait wait... what app did you build???

  16. Pranav Moghe

    Pranav Moghe

    Vor 3 Tage

    Not having a company is the 1800s equivalent of not owning land

  17. Ashutosh Joshi

    Ashutosh Joshi

    Vor 3 Tage

    Dude actually graduated from Duke he's actually smarty pants XD

  18. Roddy The Mime

    Roddy The Mime

    Vor 3 Tage

    Are you kidding, I thought this shit came out like last year, it's giving me whiplash to hear them talk about the pandemic

  19. Takahiro B

    Takahiro B

    Vor 3 Tage

    I think whenever the cut in between they just start to make out Thanks I'm not weird at all

  20. Leclaire Bob

    Leclaire Bob

    Vor 3 Tage

    Cody Kolodziejzyk holy shit

  21. ellie


    Vor 3 Tage

    21 year old cody looks like he’d try to sell me an elevator pass

  22. Aiden Asar

    Aiden Asar

    Vor 3 Tage here is a smart person saying frictionless at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="630">10:30</a> in the video.

  23. Luke Zidane

    Luke Zidane

    Vor 4 Tage

    At first glance! I thought it said "I'd clap that"

  24. opazovalec ki-opaža

    opazovalec ki-opaža

    Vor 4 Tage

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="598">9:58</a> they are not zooming his face they're zooming the couple in the background hahaha :D

  25. Nash Hansen

    Nash Hansen

    Vor 4 Tage

    “Frictionless” Do you mean smooth?

  26. The Frugal Doodler

    The Frugal Doodler

    Vor 4 Tage

    21 year old Cody moves his head like an eboy

  27. avyshan Qorbani

    avyshan Qorbani

    Vor 4 Tage

    Hey just wanted to ask if there's any chance, we could be friends 😭💜U're sooo cute together

  28. Emily B.

    Emily B.

    Vor 4 Tage

    Cody had to have been in a frat, right?

  29. FalseDelusion 39

    FalseDelusion 39

    Vor 4 Tage

    I want a girl that is frictionlessly beautiful

  30. Matthew McBride

    Matthew McBride

    Vor 5 Tage

    I mean 21, most downloaded app of that time I think you would just become Billy Big Bollocks

  31. randomness


    Vor 5 Tage

    really seems like you have the best girl ever dude, dont lose that one

  32. Daniel Holt

    Daniel Holt

    Vor 5 Tage

    it's fascinating how Cody's mocking people voice is basically how he talked when he was 21

  33. Squish A

    Squish A

    Vor 5 Tage

    The stuff Cody is drinking in the beginning looks like that stuff Luke Skywalker drinks out of the alien in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  34. Patrick Landers

    Patrick Landers

    Vor 5 Tage

    Like for a FRICTIONLESS merch drop

  35. such a x capricorn

    such a x capricorn

    Vor 5 Tage

    cody ko: i have no plans to make a company around this. kym: so you’re in the middle of “should i form a company around this”...

  36. Hugo Kent Movies

    Hugo Kent Movies

    Vor 5 Tage

    21 years old? So how long ago was this, 40 years?

  37. Andrea Moreno

    Andrea Moreno

    Vor 5 Tage

    can't believe that his last name is Kolodziejzyk, sounds like a mortal disease

  38. aniko


    Vor 5 Tage

    they're so cute 😭

  39. Some Dumbass

    Some Dumbass

    Vor 6 Tage


  40. Swiss Idol

    Swiss Idol

    Vor 6 Tage

    this is legit the same video he made like four years ago but it’s a remake; down to him forgetting that “frictionless” and “vitality” are actual words

  41. Sha Man

    Sha Man

    Vor 6 Tage

    Why do I know Kelsey? At least I know her voice somehow? Idk, carry on.

  42. Emily Palmer

    Emily Palmer

    Vor 6 Tage

    Not to toot your horn but this is the funniest video i've seen in a very long time and I needed a laugh so thank you Kelsey (& u too Cody)

  43. Jack Ding

    Jack Ding

    Vor 6 Tage

    CEO of not having a company

  44. Selemundo


    Vor 6 Tage

    No lie, She kinda resembles a younger girl version of John Travolta

  45. Harry Cheung

    Harry Cheung

    Vor 6 Tage

    kelsey and cody is literally proof that similar personalities can date

  46. myajanette


    Vor 6 Tage

    I want to know who shot and edited that video of Cody cause that’s honestly disrespectful lmaoooo😂😂

  47. myajanette


    Vor 6 Tage

    *Creativity and creation.*

  48. Claudio Issa

    Claudio Issa

    Vor 6 Tage

    Really successful video... LMAO 😂 I know

  49. Nayana G

    Nayana G

    Vor 6 Tage

    21 year old cody looks like he got rejected from community college and was then scammed into joining a fake frat but it’s actually a cover for them selling weed

  50. Grace Anne Henley

    Grace Anne Henley

    Vor 7 Tage

    idk why this particular video made me laugh so much but i hope KYM sees it

  51. Toni Kennedy

    Toni Kennedy

    Vor 7 Tage


  52. Kylie Gordon

    Kylie Gordon

    Vor 7 Tage


  53. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith

    Vor 7 Tage

    Boy you were dummy thicc back then

  54. Haze


    Vor 7 Tage

    A million? I hardly even know her

  55. Callie Lawrence

    Callie Lawrence

    Vor 7 Tage

    Soo, basically...

  56. Security Guard

    Security Guard

    Vor 7 Tage

    Cody’s answers sound like my high school essays

  57. Corey Powell

    Corey Powell

    Vor 7 Tage

    You got a good one Cody. Y’all( you all) are good together.

  58. musicnerdneedmusic


    Vor 7 Tage

    Instead of Cody Ko he was Cody NO the entire video

  59. Taleah McCagh

    Taleah McCagh

    Vor 7 Tage

    What recipe did you use for your green smoothie?

  60. fristy


    Vor 7 Tage

    kim kym whatever.... im watching u

  61. The Maverick Mind

    The Maverick Mind

    Vor 8 Tage

    You could have edited her out of the video and had a 21 minute video.

  62. Pshh


    Vor 8 Tage

    Kym is the definition of a passive aggressive soccer mom talking to the coach on the opposite team

  63. Danky Berserker

    Danky Berserker

    Vor 8 Tage

    I actually subscribed when he said please don't unsubscribe because of this

  64. sxoop


    Vor 8 Tage

    His real name Cody Kolodziejzyk, imagine having to teach people how to pronounce your last name during your entire life...

  65. Oviraptor


    Vor 8 Tage

    I love her but it's creepy how she just smiles at the camera while he talks.

  66. Beckett Murtaugh

    Beckett Murtaugh

    Vor 8 Tage

    why does he so painstakingly blur out Kolodziejzyk

    • Beckett Murtaugh

      Beckett Murtaugh

      Vor 8 Tage

      im sorry its Cody Kaloriefish

  67. Hugo Tate

    Hugo Tate

    Vor 8 Tage

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="687">11:27</a> lol what a great gf. “He knows so many words”

  68. Hugo Tate

    Hugo Tate

    Vor 8 Tage

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="555">9:15</a> that “yes” and “yup” is cute as hell 🤷🏻‍♂️

  69. Ken & Sarah Brown

    Ken & Sarah Brown

    Vor 8 Tage

    PLEASSEE cringe over Dhar Mann's videos!

  70. Lily Sobczak

    Lily Sobczak

    Vor 9 Tage

    i believe cody's previous years of cringiness actually allows him to judge others on their cringiness because he has been there and truly experienced what it feels like ya know

  71. Asbury Childrens

    Asbury Childrens

    Vor 9 Tage

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="900">15:00</a> “that fast?”

  72. Awesome _jt

    Awesome _jt

    Vor 9 Tage

    cody ko co.

  73. Tyler Anaya

    Tyler Anaya

    Vor 9 Tage

    This was way more entertaining than i thought it was going to be.

  74. Annelise Thompson

    Annelise Thompson

    Vor 9 Tage

    Cody do be sounding like Dre Drexler though

  75. Annelise Thompson

    Annelise Thompson

    Vor 9 Tage

    Why do me and Cody wheeze the same omfg

  76. Themackman


    Vor 9 Tage

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="283">4:43</a> 😏__👌

  77. Trev


    Vor 10 Tage

    I knew someone at college who used buzzwords in their presentation. They were stopped half-way and asked to explain what they meant cause they didn't have a clue

  78. Saprogeist


    Vor 10 Tage

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="339">5:39</a> that genuinely cracked me up

  79. Alexa S.

    Alexa S.

    Vor 10 Tage

    Kym is cringier than you so it's fine :D She is the condescending boomers embodiment

  80. Dinosaur Man

    Dinosaur Man

    Vor 10 Tage

    My birth was C R I N G E