IS THIS SKY BASE EVEN COOL? - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #804

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  1. Seewshy 100

    Seewshy 100

    Vor 9 Tage

    3:33 I just noticed it said Anne crank that is basically Anne frank but crank

  2. xTuaa


    Vor 22 Tage

    2:07 Satisfying

  3. TheKokosek


    Vor 26 Tage

    1:16 is for what you came for! Also use code "LAZAR" in Fortnite item shop❤

  4. Mega


    Vor 27 Tage

    1:20 that is NOT the entire map, if i can only cover Up the mountain range in like 1 hour then u probably can't cover the entire map with only 2 People especially in just about an hour

  5. Theo Madden

    Theo Madden

    Vor Monat

    Wait is this Finlay’s channel

  6. Meins


    Vor Monat

    Hey, BCC can we please play together. Epic:LootdroopLP Xbox:Pandalolgamer66

  7. J4c0b_


    Vor Monat

    Imagine wasting your time to build a sky base for bcc

  8. roqzz


    Vor Monat

    Its in creative not hard

  9. Mr_Fabri2208


    Vor Monat

    8:13 lo mato a través del suelo, los milagros de la asistencia de apuntado ponganlo en 0.25

  10. Jordan Hughes

    Jordan Hughes

    Vor Monat

    1:20 thank me latter use bcc in the item shop

  11. Tima swet

    Tima swet

    Vor Monat

    No offence but some of these clips are 🗑

  12. Just Naruto Run

    Just Naruto Run

    Vor Monat

    1:19 is what you came for!😀😀❤️♥️👍 Make sure to use code *BCC* in the Fortnite Item shop! ♥️👍😀

  13. Rhune Games

    Rhune Games

    Vor Monat

    8:50 60fps on pc

  14. Ryan King

    Ryan King

    Vor Monat

    I wanted a better view of the whole sky base, because I don’t know if you covered the main map or just a creative island

  15. Albatroz520


    Vor Monat

    4:01 pls song name

  16. Cosmic_ Prizm

    Cosmic_ Prizm

    Vor Monat

    1:28 angry lazerbean noises

  17. Fishy boi

    Fishy boi

    Vor Monat

    Your sky base is in creative lol

  18. ik3go Meza

    ik3go Meza

    Vor Monat


  19. Infinite Diamond

    Infinite Diamond

    Vor Monat

    The biggest sky base was made by them AKA BCC trolling but on the vid it says BCC DEstate at 1:17

  20. Mr Wallguy

    Mr Wallguy

    Vor Monat

    Therapist: don't worry land dolphins aren't real The land dolphins 2:05

  21. FadeXBrandon


    Vor Monat

    I did that in season 4

  22. Mr_ RandoM

    Mr_ RandoM

    Vor Monat

    Skybase is cool❤️

  23. DarkAlpha YT

    DarkAlpha YT

    Vor Monat

    That skybase isn't cool it is lit and awesome!!!

  24. planktonツ


    Vor Monat

    Therapist: *Land dolphins aren't real, they can't hurt you* Me: *2:07*

  25. BatNoowie


    Vor Monat

    1:18 is what you came for! use code bcc in the item shop!

  26. Fortnite Gamer

    Fortnite Gamer

    Vor Monat

    Bcc: its the biggest one ever Lazarbeam: hold my beer No offense to bcc

  27. Ivan PoP

    Ivan PoP

    Vor Monat

    Русские тут?

  28. 蜜璃推し


    Vor Monat

    1:22 is what you came for use code BCC in the item shop!

  29. Arkeshan


    Vor Monat

    Remember BCC made karma videos?

  30. Shinobi


    Vor Monat

    Where are my underrated Fortnite players at? 👇🏼 (Honestly, I just want friends... I’m lonely 😞)

  31. Gucci Guy

    Gucci Guy

    Vor Monat


  32. Jaxoshark


    Vor Monat

    10:00 is not what you came for... HaVe A nIcE dAy!

  33. ZK_AquA


    Vor Monat

    1:33 that's what she said

  34. Phyllis Tobias

    Phyllis Tobias

    Vor Monat

    1:30 thats what she said\

  35. khalil williams

    khalil williams

    Vor Monat


    • Wiseplays Roblox

      Wiseplays Roblox

      Vor Monat

      khalil williams is you🤔

  36. Goatman_ Tay

    Goatman_ Tay

    Vor Monat

    Shud have went under the sky base to show underneath it Edit: just give ur subs to grumbae... stop submitting clips to this guy and submit them to grumbae 2nd edit: no hate love u bcc

  37. Ethan Harmon

    Ethan Harmon

    Vor Monat

    8:38 Look at this man's kills

    • xThirst


      Vor Monat

      Ethan Harmon probably custom matchmaking

  38. k25dragon


    Vor Monat

    Can we get some love for k25dragon yt 0:47 and 1:10

  39. José Elizondo

    José Elizondo

    Vor Monat

    The end of an era. F

  40. megakeks


    Vor Monat


  41. Proviac Detrix

    Proviac Detrix

    Vor Monat

    8:32 peep the 0 kills

  42. Juju Da Goat XXX

    Juju Da Goat XXX

    Vor Monat

    1:17 is what you came for



    Vor Monat

    probably the last fortnite video on the BCC channel 😞

  44. Aaron220


    Vor Monat

    Who’s here cuz this is the last Fortnite video made by BCC Trolling?

  45. Matt on wii sports

    Matt on wii sports

    Vor Monat

    Me still wonders what it look like under the sky base how dark was it under there

  46. B4RF


    Vor Monat

    1:16 is what you came for! 💪 Use code BCC ❤️

  47. Prettyfawn 46517

    Prettyfawn 46517

    Vor Monat

    5:46 is me

  48. JansDoetEenDans - TypischJens

    JansDoetEenDans - TypischJens

    Vor Monat

    1:20 | now we now what BCC is doing after making a video😂

  49. Jameel Ahmed

    Jameel Ahmed

    Vor Monat

    Ah i see bbc running outta ideas as well.

  50. Dee HD

    Dee HD

    Vor Monat

    It would been nice to see the sky base from below

  51. Lenny 767

    Lenny 767

    Vor Monat

    2:05 That's how Wikihow works

  52. Linas Aronaitis

    Linas Aronaitis

    Vor Monat


  53. Fishstickclan 432

    Fishstickclan 432

    Vor Monat


  54. XxRAVENxX


    Vor Monat

    At 0:53seconds and 1:07 was the same person

  55. Dan Eskra

    Dan Eskra

    Vor Monat

    Imagine being such a bad game you have to make a video of people hiding the map by builds 🤦🏻‍♂️

  56. M films M

    M films M

    Vor Monat

    4:35 kasper the gost, new skin

  57. VasquezVito


    Vor Monat

    1:20 *yet he still has almost 999 mats of everything*

    • Señor Papi

      Señor Papi

      Vor Monat

      yet he's in creative

  58. Ross Chamberlain

    Ross Chamberlain

    Vor Monat

    How do u submit clips

  59. Furyness


    Vor Monat

    lol im in the video (rxbxn.ths)

  60. El Narval Cosmico

    El Narval Cosmico

    Vor Monat

    1:15 Hey eso yo lo hice en la season 5 No fuiste el primero