Trump’s Big Plan To “Pack Churches” On Easter | The Daily Social Distancing Show

The economy gets a trillion-dollar stimulus, Amazon asks for donations during the pandemic, and Trump wants to re-open the country by Easter. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Easter
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  1. D W

    D W

    Vor 2 Tage

    Uh-oh.. l'il Trebor gots the "speed-talkin'" goin'... MO coke wit you sequestration, African boy?..

  2. humble servant

    humble servant

    Vor 6 Tage

    God is always first 🌍💝💖👍👍💕and all jobs too

  3. Barbara H

    Barbara H

    Vor 11 Tage

    Dump Trump the Donald is a 🦆 I don't TRUST him at all.



    Vor 12 Tage

    He is also so close to the guy interviewing him. NOOOOOO. Back the heck up. In fact dont talk to me . Incidentally what does he know about Resurrection Sunday ? Zilch.

  5. Creative Artsie

    Creative Artsie

    Vor 19 Tage

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="423">7:03</a>

  6. Creative Artsie

    Creative Artsie

    Vor 19 Tage

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="409">6:49</a>

  7. Brian Glass

    Brian Glass

    Vor 19 Tage

    FAKE, OH SOOOOO FAKE NEWS I'm surprised this hasn't been removed

  8. Calen Joshua

    Calen Joshua

    Vor 25 Tage

    Trevor is not good now going against God is the worst thing a comedian has done

  9. Michele Strydom

    Michele Strydom

    Vor 28 Tage

    Have respect for my Saviour Jesus Christ. I was always a Fan of your show. But not anymore. You are disrespectful. Jesus still loves you, although you don't even deserve it. Remember this clip when your world tumble down. I feel sad for you. Leaving your page, because you don't respect my religion. I will pray for you.



    Vor Monat

    Why do we even listen to this bs trevor you are a fool please if I was your boss I'll fire you and kick you out of this country go back to the jungle ..

  11. 米小七


    Vor Monat


  12. 米小七


    Vor Monat


  13. Mr. Rene Moreno

    Mr. Rene Moreno

    Vor Monat

    Congress might not have that much money for all states now❄️😎!

  14. Mr. Rene Moreno

    Mr. Rene Moreno

    Vor Monat

    I hope Jerry isn't really your New Roommate now❄️😎!

  15. Julia McCoog

    Julia McCoog

    Vor Monat

    It must be weird for Trevor to be telling the jokes with no laughs and then getting serious again. He handles it well!

  16. Annabell Arendse

    Annabell Arendse

    Vor Monat

    As a Christian in South Africa I’m so disgusted with you Trevor. I’m officially an ex fan. How sad. You are a disgrace to South African Christians.

  17. Christine De Beer

    Christine De Beer

    Vor Monat

    You are such a racist!!! What are you doing here? Go back to South Africa!!! Comedian my arse!!! Mocking God? Your day of reckoning will come!!!😡😡😡😡

  18. Supertyp


    Vor Monat

    "You name the virus after where it is" nope, doofus, you name it after where it came from, and it came from Wuhan, China and the CCP tried to cover it up. But hey who needs facts when you need to construct a lousy punchline...

  19. magdalene adjei

    magdalene adjei

    Vor Monat

    why is the fair maiden Black? lol

  20. gidi


    Vor Monat

    Serious question here: - The Chinese accent wasn't up to Trevor's standards. - People all over the world are treating lightly with China these days so as to not get banned there/lose business opportunities. Realistic option? Or am I seeing ghosts here?

  21. Samar Al

    Samar Al

    Vor Monat

    It's so worse that my own trashy father still takes it lightly and coughs, sneeze without covering his mouth in the entire house, I wouldn't even dare to call it a home.. 😒😒😒

  22. Tomas Neshoba.holba

    Tomas Neshoba.holba

    Vor Monat

    The people are fools, once the legal precedent is set it will apply to all laws and regulation in the future. That means the government can festive you from religion for any reason it sees fit in the future. Just like forfeiture and seizure was made for drug cartels only, now it is and can be applied to any law. Your all saps for this melodramatic B.S. !



    Vor Monat

    I bet you did not say anything like this about Obama no matter how he screwed the US. because he is black

  24. KimfromSoCal


    Vor Monat

    And Trevor Noah...tries to be funny! yeah..ugh...not

  25. Lulu Rose

    Lulu Rose

    Vor Monat

    For president Noah: like Trump: comment

  26. vivi sakhrie

    vivi sakhrie

    Vor Monat

    His jokes is becoming dry...

  27. jerry hunter

    jerry hunter

    Vor Monat

    Idiot he said he would like but of course you will make it what it ain’t like the rest of the shi****media

  28. Homer Da Man

    Homer Da Man

    Vor Monat

    Well he got rid of the guy who was assigned as acting head. Only took them a week to do that.

  29. MysteriousGuy


    Vor Monat

    destate.net/v/aXupsHqZmJFniKY/video.html Please subscribe, share and hit the bell icon button to get notified once I will upload a new video. Stay safe!

  30. Gabriel


    Vor Monat

    Trevor you are not funny and a entertainer

  31. bbsy1


    Vor Monat

    The Manama and child ball things look more like giant cookie jars than balls. Or maybe his apartment has elephantitus .

  32. Abdulqayyum Gaffoor

    Abdulqayyum Gaffoor

    Vor Monat

    People is like oh my god are you that dumb

  33. Marie HICKEY

    Marie HICKEY

    Vor Monat


  34. Mystery Meat

    Mystery Meat

    Vor Monat

    Excuse me, but has Trump ever actually set foot in a church to practice religion?

  35. Sekou Sesay

    Sekou Sesay

    Vor Monat

    This guy don't like Trump

  36. Celisar1


    Vor Monat

    Stoptalking about the American President being the most powerful person in the world! That ship has sailed a long time ago.

  37. Ye Wang

    Ye Wang

    Vor Monat

    Trump,"I want to re-open America by Easter" Coronavirus,"Please do"

  38. J Vp

    J Vp

    Vor Monat

    Why don’t talk about hundreds of millions pelosi want to give to an art foundation? Fuck you ,

  39. mz tech

    mz tech

    Vor Monat

    Can anyone can give a rough idea of ratio of trump supoorters: trump haters

  40. okow tina

    okow tina

    Vor Monat

    Trump's just saying these things for the stock market.

  41. 神木


    Vor Monat

    Wow, the American problem turned out to be so negative! China welcomes immigrant Americans to immigrate to China! China has obvious system advantages over your country. let's move!

  42. pienke _123

    pienke _123

    Vor Monat

    You are so duscusting!!! Why dont you go to Gates so he sticks a vaccine in your ass!! You are such a puppet!!!

  43. 文爭鳴


    Vor Monat

    You are right!

    • okow tina

      okow tina

      Vor Monat


  44. shadow light

    shadow light

    Vor Monat

    Tell a joke to Americans: "Trump"

  45. lieu Gebo

    lieu Gebo

    Vor Monat

    What a fucking pole smoker

  46. Liew Hong Khang

    Liew Hong Khang

    Vor Monat

    trump is like joker, with more makeup wkwkwk so funny

  47. EMajen Cats

    EMajen Cats

    Vor Monat

    I'm on a headset in full volume I have been laughing so hard that I choked and cough so hard! Got a worried look with bulging eyes from my husband... No baby! It's not corona! It's Trevor!

  48. Jim Zanis

    Jim Zanis

    Vor Monat

    I think Trump should pack Peeps up his ass on Easter!!

  49. X Y Z

    X Y Z

    Vor Monat

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="672">11:12</a> ouch!

  50. CaptEoNinja83


    Vor Monat

    Dear Jeff Bezos. You are sick. Spare a billion to make testing kits, it will hardly dent your platinum toilets. From the rest of the world, F U

  51. Beena Plumber

    Beena Plumber

    Vor Monat

    Why is Prince Chuckles "self-isolating?" Isn't there a law about mandatory quarantines over there yet? Does he actually have a choice? (I just want to see him skipped over and see King William next. He was so cute as a little boy! Charles has always looked old and unpleasant. That's all.)

  52. Joshua Hendricks

    Joshua Hendricks

    Vor Monat

    Trevor as much as I'd like to jump on hating Jeff. There is more to the Amazon story, please do give it's due research. Seriously I would love to jump on the bus.

  53. mixio hili

    mixio hili

    Vor Monat

    Oh yeah, turkey’s president is asking for donation from his people too...

  54. Elaine Marie

    Elaine Marie

    Vor Monat

    You can’t believe the numbers from China...

  55. sherrie c

    sherrie c

    Vor Monat

    I'm sorry but,he doesn't read the Bible with congregation, he doesn't sing off program, he doesn't pledge and when his family do pledge, they pledge with left hand. He would like for us to have Easter so he can kill us.Do they go to church? So, he can kill folks. Economy would be right for him. What is he trying to do kill us?? What about the babies? We pray wherever,whenever, and at anytime. We don't need EGGS that bad not even on the white house lawn!!! 🇱🇷🇱🇷 usafsgt STL🇱🇷

  56. Ame Yuki

    Ame Yuki

    Vor Monat

    Though the resurrection is the future hope. Jesus never said the celebrate his resurrection. It is not a commandment. However love Thy neighbor is a commandment. Therefore, if you must celebrate this man made holiday, Zoom your congregation to celebrate it. Heed Jesus command to love your neighbor.

    • mixio hili

      mixio hili

      Vor Monat

      Saying Trump had a "big" plan to " pack" churches is BS and FAKE NEWS, the kind you always give out. You can see now it was only a thought Trump had and in no way did h

  57. k t

    k t

    Vor Monat

    On another note I just heard Bill Gates say, he hopes this clears up in 6 months. How many people in a full church will have the coronavirus and infect people with it ? America also has spies that live in different countries.

  58. Maya Khaldi

    Maya Khaldi

    Vor Monat


  59. VENOM 2018

    VENOM 2018

    Vor Monat


  60. Gmmonica godsgotthis

    Gmmonica godsgotthis

    Vor Monat

    Ok I'm bored...but I am trying to fight for our jobs back. We can have wash stations put in our companies so we can work again. We can have forehead thermometers so we can scan over someone's Head with a thin plastic so it won't get on the thermometer's. If your a home owner read until the end. We let them take our jobs. They need to let EVERYONE GO BACK TO WORK BUT THE elderly, the sick and the people with autoimmune disorders.Everyone must wear mask and gloves. That's is!! This is ridiculous. We have to work. They have a movie called "Contagion" it came out in 2011. How did they know? Look up Bill Gates talking bout viruses and he also did a few TED talks, as did others and Bill said that we aren't prepared. Look up Dr. Bruce Aylwand who is the Canadian head of the W.H.O. World Health Organization. This doctor had just came back from Wuhun China and he was NOT under quarantine. He stammered and laughed when asked "why he wasn't under Quarantine" being that he had just come from Wuhun China? Trust me, they have the antibody which is what they give people when they go abroad (it's the shot they give for malaria and they know it works and so do other antibiotics. I heard a guy say believe it or not, that he took pentrexçil, it's a Mexican antibiotic you can buy in Mexico- I don't know if that is true because it's just a video floating around and I also read that antibiotics don't kill viruses but why is the government saying they have a shortage on penicillin and other antibiotics...sound suspect to me. I beat Cancer without Chemotherapy so I've read a lot and watched a lot of videos on DEstate and I've read that antibiotic don't work for a virus but people are saying that some antibiotics are working for this virus (do they actually have the virus...who knows...we are bring lied to in a HUGE WAY.) But we need to WAKE UP PEOPLE and start asking a lot of questions. If China did it then we need to STOP trading with them. We can start our own companies HERE! We make ourself our own products and sell our own stuff like we use to and really Make America great again. WAKE UP everyone! The only people who need to stay home are the old people and the people with autoimmune disorders and the people who have fever's, this is over kill. We can all use mask, gloves and disinfect. We are being lied to by the Media. It's true that the virus is a live and kicking but they I believe are putting it out in these geoengineered clouds. Why doesn't someone start by simply testing the soot/junk that's on our cars. You wash your car and two hours later and the car is a light film again and it gets worse by the hours. Can someone please take the initiative and test it. Ask Donald Trump to do it. It's not that expensive. I lost my job so I can't do it. These Crooks are profiting off of us and doing population control, everyone knows it but no one want to get their head out of the Rabbit whole. These CROOKS HAVE DEVISED A WAY TO MAKE US BROKE, TAKE OUR HOMES AGAIN AND TAKE OUR JOBS. These crooks are making us entrepreneurs lose what we have worked so hard for and get ride of the middle class. The only people who can recover from this are the rich. I have a family and I can no longer work. One of my kids will have to close her business, which she made $160,000 in profit per year after 12 years it's gone just like that! My son is barely hanging on to his job because he's a supervisor and my other two kids which worked for 2 different start up company have both lost their jobs to to the companies going belly up, gone just like that. WE have all let them take our Jobs. Again we need to force the government to let us go back or sue them. The only people that should stay home are the old and the sick and the people with autoimmune disorders. I also believe everyone won't get the stimulus package. They will pick and choose who will get it. Ending my message to all the people who are profiting (follow the money) you might get away with this on Earth but read at least the book of Revelation or just push play on DEstate. Or put on the DEstate about the plagues and famine that we will go through. Read about the CHILD of perdition in the last days. It's just a press of a button. It is easier for the Rich to denounce the Bible because of their demise and the foretelling of it in the Bible. So I understand why you hide behind your money. The rich are sick in love with their money...Prime example watch the movie "All the money in the world". It's a true story about a rich man named J. Paul Getty. He is an example of how they are sick with the Love of money and they will do anything for it or like in this case won't do anything just to keep every dime. Please wake up people and start a class action lawsuits to force the government to let us work or they pay with paying us for the damages they have caused us. Banksters are up to it again. Look it up. There are new options that the banks are offering $45,000 for your home if you are in default. How convenient. 😠😡 Banks want their house back and they much rather pay us $45,000 then for us to live rent free while we stay in our homes as we did in the last real estate crisis. Not all banks are offering but I bet they will. Sue for our jobs back. Fight the Elite!

  61. ETCF Y

    ETCF Y

    Vor Monat

    Is DUMB DUMB for real???! I really like you, Trevor! Love your show! But DUMB DUMB is no where near being the most powerful man in the world! ... and (among MANY other things) more common sense! YUP! The DUMB DUMB is a SOB!

  62. Mainstream Gmail

    Mainstream Gmail

    Vor Monat

    Trevor, you should put “pack churches” in your mouth instead of pick and choose ‘cut and paste’ words to make the store to your points.

  63. charles Maneno

    charles Maneno

    Vor Monat

    How many people die of the FLU? Cancer, Malaria etc....Why have we not had a complete shut down before? Why scare people and blame it on Trump?Agenda? 5G? You have no reason to be on air if all you say is half baked or scripted. A disgrace you are...A disgrace

  64. dancingnature


    Vor Monat

    I’ve been calling Trump the Antichrist for awhile now. You just never expect the Antichrist to actually be stupid

  65. Guigui Toon

    Guigui Toon

    Vor Monat

    The USA and the UK are gonna pay for the greed of the governments they elected the heavy price. You get the leaders you deserve. With world-class intelligence and surveillance systems they got the information about the virus danger as early as February from what was happening in Iran and Italy, and later in France and Spain (without taking into account fake data from China). They could have bought time and preparedness by locking their countries to save lives like most European countries did. They preferred to buy time for the Stock Exchange to save profits of a happy few instead. They will now lose both and there is yet still people saying Trump and Johnson are great leaders.Good thing is that everything is on record and dated so the timeline will be easy to analyze by historians in the future: but will they ever pay for it?

  66. Grace Bertrand

    Grace Bertrand

    Vor Monat

    I suggest DONNIE find a packed Church, enter with wife, MALARIA and sit in the MIDDLE of all the people , shake hands, hug, and KISS them ALL... preferably exchanging spit!!!

  67. Vanessa Walker

    Vanessa Walker

    Vor Monat

    Trump throws a tantrum when he thinks someone is being mean to him criticizing him in anyway. You can tell by the way he talks he knows nothing about political science the way he speaks and talks so broadly and vaguely and never informativly.

  68. Vanessa Walker

    Vanessa Walker

    Vor Monat

    Trump a leader is a joke? He is going to kill us all.

  69. Sahil Tack

    Sahil Tack

    Vor Monat

    In wuhan the animals market is on again ... and eating bats and dogs begin

  70. Paul Airola

    Paul Airola

    Vor Monat

    Why should Trevor care he's not a christian nor cares about GOD he's a dip

    • King6d9


      Vor Monat

      Going to Church right now is the dumbest thing imaginable...

  71. Anthony Dennis

    Anthony Dennis

    Vor Monat

    Saying Trump had a "big" plan to " pack" churches is BS and FAKE NEWS, the kind you always give out. You can see now it was only a thought Trump had and in no way did he carry it out. He used sound judgement and extended the period another 30 days at the advice of his experts and common sense. Go peddle your BS to your commie left friends.

  72. Heavenly Chatter

    Heavenly Chatter

    Vor Monat

    Is it safe to buy toilet paper from China yet?

  73. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola

    Vor Monat

    "From Trevor's couch in New York City to your couch somewhere in the world" -> FAKE NEWS! He's clearly sitting on a simple chair, as am I, cause I don't even have a couch!

  74. Maryam Al-ghazali

    Maryam Al-ghazali

    Vor Monat

    😂🤣 just because it is Easter specialty for him he wants to kill us with coronaviruses

  75. zoologist1992


    Vor Monat

    I'm not a big fan of large crowds during the Seachtar Na Casca anniversary in the first place. Especially not in Bloody Boston or The Big Craphole. I'm a Carsonist who loves his jack and hates the Catholic Supremacist government in Dublin.

    • zoologist1992


      Vor Monat

      @xoobo vola A niver said A want any. A gaut enuf toddlers in Clann Fearghaille why get ma own? I might marry a lady if she prefers to live aw alone wif me in the swamps along rio de santa maria yet she canny be a tim.

    • xoobo vola

      xoobo vola

      Vor Monat

      Why should I pay for people too stupid to buy a condom? If you can't afford to buy your kids lunch you shouldn't have kids

  76. Ash Towers

    Ash Towers

    Vor Monat

    The stimulus is a bailout for corporations, crappy reporting Trevor, common. We get crumbs only if we make a small enough amount of money while companies that just got a 2 trillion dollar tax cut 2 years ago get a huge portion of the "stimulus". This is robbery and the american people have to pay for it. Yes we need to boost the economy but not at the price of leaving people behind. Still no rent protections and big corporations in this dumbass stimulus can fire whoever they want and buyback their out stocks after the pandemic with the bailout money...........

  77. Smile Mor-phony

    Smile Mor-phony

    Vor Monat

    'Florida Megachurch Pastor Cancels Services After Arrest for Breaking Coronavirus Rules', but it's OK if our Dictator in Chief want to do it. And now as millions lose their jobs, their cars, pets, homes, spouses & commit suicide Congress goes on VACATION until April 20th, no doubt traveling where-ever-the hell they want living the high life. **Boycott Amazon** Put that rat bastard out of business. Trump and his family are Jewish, since when is Easter important to them? Trump couldn't stop lying even if he was injected with truth serum.

  78. J man

    J man

    Vor Monat

    I only came to the comments to tell you how hate filled you always sound when you talk about the President of the United States. You're still mad that Clinton lost. I understand.

  79. Amanda Zahorik

    Amanda Zahorik

    Vor Monat

    OK, OK, brilliant and everything as usual, but seriously, Trevor: how do you keep your flowers so fresh when you can't actually leave the house to buy flowers?

  80. 354gangsta


    Vor Monat

    Go undercover and show us the process of how his hairdo comes about everyday 😂😂😂 i need to see this b4 the world comes to an end 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂